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Jesus loves you!

Shalom beloved and welcome to our ministry. We at 13th of Grace are excited to fulfill our call and serve at the pleasure of our Lord. We want to share with the world how The Lord called us to the ministry that He had planned for our lives. We believe that we are to share our personal trials and tribulations of both before our reconciliation in Jesus and after. The struggles with our worldly mindsets, the setbacks and the disappointments of our lives before our Lord and Savior became our compass for our destinies had formed many paradigms and structures in our lives that robbed the peace, joy and fruitfulness that God has promised all His children. Once we committed our lives to Jesus, He began to lead us on our walk of transformation. 
We want to share with you the insecurities and doubts, the times of anger and frustration and all the other emotions that come flooding out as Jesus begins to weed the world out of our hearts and minds. We want to train and equip you in a way that you take our experiences and victories over our lives and lift your faith to see God will do it for you also for the word says, God is respecter of no man, what he does for others He will do for you. All you need to do is ask Him in and give Him permission to lead you to a glorious life in Him. We will also be including the testimonies of others that have walked with us during this time to share their stories as well as give a perspective to ours from a view other than our own. We intend to be real and honest about our lives as to give praise and worship to the Lord in helping Him to use us to His pleasure. We are a real family with all the real dynamics that go on in most families and we want to show how that starts a real relationship with God the father, Jesus our savior and the Holy Spirit our comforter and guide. Join us in a life in Christ!
Love and Blessings, 
The Yow family 



Our Mission

            My Covenant With My God




My mission statement in The Kingdom of God and my covenant with my Father,my King Jesus and my Holy Spirit is to live my life in total submission to my King Jesus. To conform in all ways of which the will of God asks and to obey swiftly to the upmost of my ability. I will seek faith and favor in the mercy of God and not acclaim and boasting of self. The end of all I do through Christ in me will be to the good pleasure of my Father and all the Glory to Him for His Kingdom. Any and all pursuits that I undertake I place Jesus at the helm and rudder as I make plans and strategies to only His glory and form my expectations of success on only His guidance and glory. My complete devotion to Him is being a son with which He is well pleased being discipled to my Master and all else that I do through the gifts,anointing and mantles He has given me I will do only at the unction of The Holy Spirit whenever and wherever and for whoever I am asked to serve. I consider it the greatest honor and gift to be placed as trusted son to my Father and count it all as joy and gain. In worship and praise and all through prayer and supplication I say to My Lord, send me. 


Your faithful servant and son in thanksgiving,
Lionel Mark Yow

If you would like to receive a prophetic word, dream interpretation or engage in personal one on one counseling, please visit our Contact Us page for more information and to submit your request. 

Testimony Journal 


We call this a journal in the hopes that all testimonies are growing daily in the life with Christ. Testimonies are like prophetic words in the sense that they build our faith to hear our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ speaking to their mountains and overcoming their obstacles and entering the Kingdom through tribulations conquered. They edify and uplift us and plant the seed of boldness that allows us to go share the gifts the Lord has given us for world to the world. A smile, a kind word, a reassuring glance, an unwarranted act of kindness or a simple hello can break the back of discouragement and despair. We all have something to give and the more we give out the Christ in us, the more he gives us. 

This Week's Prophetic Word



Why do we constantly evaluate the causes and effects of our so called Kairos moments?


We believe that somehow in opposition to the scripture that we can add a cubit to our height. We believe that what we do or don't do affects the plan of God. How many have said to theirselves " man I sinned in someway today so now I have an effect that is going to cause or worse yet not cause God to do something for me." How many times do we hinge our prophetic words or anointings or calling on what we do or don't do but claim that we are not legalistic or driven by performance. How about the scripture that says " as a man sow he also reaps" verses the scripture that many quote from Esther(4:14) that says if you don't act then you and your father's house shall perish and you will basically forfeit your calling and God will have someone else do it. Their are many scriptures like this  both in the OT and the NT. There are also scriptures that say the flesh profits nothing,you can do nothing without Him,you were saved for works not through works,by His spirit not by might or power and so many more. So if the OT pointed all towards Christ and the NT flows all from Christ then why are you assessing anything in this way?Why are you still in the covenant of sacrifice and not in the covenant of Grace? Why does self trump prophecy about or the actual Christ? Did God not give us the ability to repent in the blood of Christ? Did He not forgive us of our sin as far as from east to west? Did He not give us the way and the truth and the life? Do you need to measure what He gave when He told you in His word that the spirit He promised His son to give you, the one that raised Him from the dead, you now possess as a submitted child of God? So what is our problem because it is surely not our Fathers.  The road to freedom in the spirit is paved with the obedience of Christ and lit by the word made flesh, so why is it so hard to follow?  God knew it is much easier to make a sacrifice then to have faith for the flesh. What God covets from you is your free will. So of His own free will He made His son,with His son's agreement,our perfect sacrifice once and for all so we could inherit the spirit and return to out Father. This is perfecting love, the is the love that passes all understanding, another words this is the love that is the truth that sets you free. Free from what?Death,sin,bondage,lies of the enemy,lack,fear,poverty and so much more. Our mind must be renewed to evaluate the one and only thing we need to evaluate which is our bought and paid for value to the Father guarded forever by Christ and guaranteed by the spirit to produce the inheritance of the image in which we were made. Here's the thing though,we have to live our path to receive the fullness of the promise and the one that knows  the path for us is the spirit who leads us. This is your truth which is your way for your life. So do not worry or have fear of the truth,but seek clearly the places in your life that are not built on truth. God is not static for He is conforming you through everything you encounter to His son so He is constant but ever changing you to lead from glory to glory. He has given all the road signs and green lights. Where have you put road blocks or signs of detour to the world or yield to compromise or stopped at a red light of fear? Hold on to all loosely but His utter irrevocable love for you and find the courage to stay on your truth no matter what your mind or the world defines as evaluation for your actions. God will ask you for all to give you all. What does this look like? That totally depends on whose looking and with what prospective.  If a son of God is looking,with a trustful heart and obedient hands and feet, then loss of a job is a promotion to a better job,having to move into a smaller house or loosing your house is getting in position to receive,fighting a battle for your health and maybe your life as an opportunity for the greatest wealth of all,more intimacy with the father. If me,Mark, is looking, then all I see is loss,loss and more loss. I am now fearful and constantly asking why and evaluating and doubting and whining. That's the truth, I have been there and will probably visit there again. I have gotten tired of visiting there but only in some aspects not all so in some places I submitted my fear and logic to obedience to the truth of the word and what do you know it worked, amazing right? No not really because it was guaranteed in belief of what all Christ died for. I pray today for all of us to readily remove all road blocks, red lights,and detours or yield signs from logic and reason and simply have the courage to obey the truth that we receive from the written and Rhema word of God through the spirit in each and everyone of us. Let the promise of freedom manifest in our lives oh Lord so we can live for your glory. Make the promise live so boldly in our hearts that our mind renews with only opportunity for glory not problems or loss in our earthly lives. May the eternal perspective overtake the fear in our lives. May we inherit the liberty of the spirit to overcome into the fullness of the promise and all for the glory of our King Jesus. Give us a servants heart,a fearless heart, a contrite heart, a humble heart and a heart to live for nothing less than the truth! We have salvation but let us live oh Lord for that higher calling that Paul saw. For we shall not look back but today renew our passion to move forward in your way and your way only. Yes and amen.


Blessings, Mark


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