Prophetic Words

April 30, 2018:: Why do we constantly evaluate the causes and effects of our so called Kairos moments?

Why do we constantly evaluate the causes and effects of our so called Kairos moments? Because we believe that somehow in opposition to the scripture that we can add a cubit to our height. We believe that what we do or don't do affects the plan of God. How many have said to theirselves " man I sinned in someway today so now I have an effect that is going to cause or worse yet not cause God to do something for me." How many times do we hinge our prophetic words or anointings or calling on what we do or don't do but claim that we are not legalistic or driven by performance. How about the scripture that says " as a man sow he also reaps" verses the scripture that many quote from Esther(4:14) that says if you don't act then you and your father's house shall perish and you will basically forfeit your calling and God will have someone else do it. Their are many scriptures like this  both in the OT and the NT. There are also scriptures that say the flesh profits nothing,you can do nothing without Him,you were saved for works not through works,by His spirit not by might or power and so many more. So if the OT pointed all towards Christ and the NT flows all from Christ then why are you assessing anything in this way?Why are you still in the covenant of sacrifice and not in the covenant of Grace? Why does self trump prophecy about or the actual Christ? Did God not give us the ability to repent in the blood of Christ? Did He not forgive us of our sin as far as from east to west? Did He not give us the way and the truth and the life? Do you need to measure what He gave when He told you in His word that the spirit He promised His son to give you, the one that raised Him from the dead, you now possess as a submitted child of God? So what is our problem because it is surely not our Fathers.  The road to freedom in the spirit is paved with the obedience of Christ and lit by the word made flesh, so why is it so hard to follow?  God knew it is much easier to make a sacrifice then to have faith for the flesh. What God covets from you is your free will. So of His own free will He made His son,with His son's agreement,our perfect sacrifice once and for all so we could inherit the spirit and return to out Father. This is perfecting love, the is the love that passes all understanding, another words this is the love that is the truth that sets you free. Free from what?Death,sin,bondage,lies of the enemy,lack,fear,poverty and so much more. Our mind must be renewed to evaluate the one and only thing we need to evaluate which is our bought and paid for value to the Father guarded forever by Christ and guaranteed by the spirit to produce the inheritance of the image in which we were made. Here's the thing though,we have to live our path to receive the fullness of the promise and the one that knows  the path for us is the spirit who leads us. This is your truth which is your way for your life. So do not worry or have fear of the truth,but seek clearly the places in your life that are not built on truth. God is not static for He is conforming you through everything you encounter to His son so He is constant but ever changing you to lead from glory to glory. He has given all the road signs and green lights. Where have you put road blocks or signs of detour to the world or yield to compromise or stopped at a red light of fear? Hold on to all loosely but His utter irrevocable love for you and find the courage to stay on your truth no matter what your mind or the world defines as evaluation for your actions. God will ask you for all to give you all. What does this look like? That totally depends on whose looking and with what prospective.  If a son of God is looking,with a trustful heart and obedient hands and feet, then loss of a job is a promotion to a better job,having to move into a smaller house or loosing your house is getting in position to receive,fighting a battle for your health and maybe your life as an opportunity for the greatest wealth of all,more intimacy with the father. If me,Mark, is looking, then all I see is loss,loss and more loss. I am now fearful and constantly asking why and evaluating and doubting and whining. That's the truth, I have been there and will probably visit there again. I have gotten tired of visiting there but only in some aspects not all so in some places I submitted my fear and logic to obedience to the truth of the word and what do you know it worked, amazing right? No not really because it was guaranteed in belief of what all Christ died for. I pray today for all of us to readily remove all road blocks, red lights,and detours or yield signs from logic and reason and simply have the courage to obey the truth that we receive from the written and Rhema word of God through the spirit in each and everyone of us. Let the promise of freedom manifest in our lives oh Lord so we can live for your glory. Make the promise live so boldly in our hearts that our mind renews with only opportunity for glory not problems or loss in our earthly lives. May the eternal perspective overtake the fear in our lives. May we inherit the liberty of the spirit to overcome into the fullness of the promise and all for the glory of our King Jesus. Give us a servants heart,a fearless heart, a contrite heart, a humble heart and a heart to live for nothing less than the truth! We have salvation but let us live oh Lord for that higher calling that Paul saw. For we shall not look back but today renew our passion to move forward in your way and your way only. Yes and amen.

The Team execution of the body parts

I had a revelatory teaching from the spirit last night that used sports teams and more specifically a football team to show me that each player is doing his assignment through his position for the play to work. The play is Gods plan and his will is sent in by calling plays through the coaching staff which is the Holy Spirit and the 5 fold ministry. The independent positions and the training to make them as instinct is brought to unity as the ball is snapped and the plan is either realized or not. The game is greater than its components and players but relies on both of these to get the victory. The relationship of the player to his talent,position  in which his talent is trained and equipped to be used and the plan it fulfills is an identity. We come together in a huddle then the will of God is spoken and then we break and assume our positions and then obey what our positions have equipped us to do and when properly executed in concert nothing can stop the advance of the kingdom.  We only play defense when we loose the ball and then stop the enemy from advancing we regain the ball. The one that controls the ball wins. The ball in itself is the key. It is the foundation that the battle is based on and it is the gospel of the kingdom that we carry and defend. There is a quarterback,running back,tight ends,wide receivers and the all important center and his lineman. Apostle(qb) receives the ball from the Prophet(c) the intercessors and watchman(lineman) block the advancement of the enemy and open passing lanes and running lanes for short and long gains. The discernment of the Apostle allows the spirit to guide him in audibles when he recognizes due to his training where there will be a weakness in the enemies defense and how to exploit it on the run. The church is the running back that is the workhorse of the team. The tight ends are the itinerants that travel shorter distances with the ball and the wide receivers are the missionaries that speed,across the world and give up their bodies to carry the ball farther than anyone else. God has a plan for each person that is a game unto itself, church,city,region,nation and the world. We are all players to,the world but learn identity as we play and win our personal,church and city battles that have us trying different positions to find our kingdom position and our purpose which is our position and talent for God to advance His ball. To the world. 




June 7, 2015:: Don't let your paradigm hide behind the wine press. Don't thresh your wheat in a place of fear.

When the Lord your God freed you from death at salvation He did not intend for you to return to hiding. You are free to live in the Christ Jesus! What door God has open no man can shut. Possessing the land of Liberty that the Lord your God has given you is done in belief and trusting that He will and shall remain as your shield and buckler. As you transform your mind to accept the gift given you more and more you can rest in the all sovereignty of God. When God says that this land is yours then it is yours! Threshing floors are out in the open where the wind can blow across the wheat when winnowed and separate the chaff. As your Lord God has brought you to His floor to separate out of you the truth from the lies. God's floor is His Kingdom where Christ Jesus has been sifted for all and all be made a way to the father. The paradigm of slavery is broken and the freeman must possess his inheritance. Jesus showed us how to handle the opposition to our freedom in the Garden of Gesthamane. Father if this cup can pass then let it but above all Your will be done. We all enter through this door. The submission of our will carries with it a new identity. You are no longer the least of the least you are the most to The Most High. Seeing and believing this is difficult in the midst of the wine press so the Spirit of God is given to us to gird us up with the truth and let Him lead us out into the open onto the floor. The father's perfect love casts out all fear as scripture assures us in 1 John 4. As John the Baptist spoke in Matthew 3:12, He will come with the winnowing fan in His hand to sift out the pure and burn the chaff. The winnowing fan is His love for you. So climb out of the wine press and come out onto the floor and let the Love of God separate you unto Him and let the Holy Spirit burn all the lies and bondage that has been the husk around your life that has kept you a slave while living in the land of Liberty! Declare over your life today that "you are free indeed" and "The Truth has set you free".


April 28, 2015::  The fertile ground of Desperation


Exchange your ashes for beauty and your tears for joy. You must enter the new seasons in your life by going through the garden of Gesthamane. The seed of your will must die!

James 1 reading

I find myself contending for the promises of God daily if not hourly during this season in my life. My worldly security and trust I have given up and am relying on the mercy and goodness of the Father." What a glorious place to be" I hear my spirit saying." What better place can you be in than to be totally relying on God and His ways? Where is a place that so invites the presence of God that can reveal Him in all His majesty? Where else can you have a wrestling match at the Gates of Heaven? In what other situation can you be in where you are crying out and joyful at the same time? Where else do hardships and adversity and strongholds add up to Righteousness, Peace and Joy? I will tell you where, it is at the foot of the Throne lying flat on your face not quite knowing how to boldly approach when you are gripped in a struggle of doubt and unbelief. This must be the place where God scoops off the dross because I am laying in a puddle of it!  I am so glad that I have an advocate,Jesus, and an interpreter,Holy Spirit, for I am babbling gibberish at this point and about to wring the skin off my hands. I am mentally going down my list of religious rituals, like ok did I repent first?; did I come in thanksgiving and praise?; have I plead the blood? And all the other things the word says to do. NO! I have not because fear of not being worthy,fear of having not been obedient and many other disqualifying thoughts are racing through my mind. My emotions are in total control of my mind,body and soul at this point. My weakness has never been so evident as it is now at this very moment. I am totally helpless and have no means to accomplish what I need. I am empty. I have filled this ground with tears,sobs and moans,pounding of the fists,desperate pleas and probably a vow or two. The world will see this as adding "chicken manure" but God sees it as humble fertilizer. We must reach the end of ourselves many times in our valleys to ascend the other side with the faith we need to move on up the ladder to the Kingdom. As the fight leaves you and your strength is gone, the Father's perfect love that cast out all fear begins to flow. Even though you know that you are still in need you also know the strength of the Lord. For those who have been to this place that I speak of and have felt the Lord come in to your circumstance then you know how special this ground is. For it is from here that we are reborn often into the the peace of God. There is no place here for human involvement, this is God's territory, at the foot of the cross. What part of us has just died and what will the Lord resurrect in its place? Enduring faith,trust in Him and more ability to rest in that trust. Do not despise this place. Enter with reverence and holiness to the foot of the cross. Where the blood of Christ was spilled to free us. Join in the purging of dross with an intention of expectation of there being joy on the other side. So wail,kick and scream! Fight the good fight for the Lord will touch your thigh and give you rest from the struggle and lay you at the foot of Christ for He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.  You are not fighting to hold it in you are struggling to get free. Break the bonds of Adam,search them out and take them through the cross. All that God has for you is waiting on the other side but must pass through death to receive life. Don't go around or avoid the cleansing fire of God for its flames burn with the love and passion He has for you! Seed in this ground will produce 100 fold,enriched by desperation and tended by love will produce a mighty harvest in your life.
Blessing and Love,


March 13, 2015:: Rainy Days are a Necessity

It's the rainy days that prepare the soil for the seed to die in the right way to be positioned for new growth and the potential to be reached.
What happens when it rains? Nutrients in the soil are mixed with the water from the heavens and sucked in by the roots. The roots dictate the canopy. What allows a flower to withstand the heat of the sunlight day after day, it's deep roots that's what. What keeps the flower from blowing away in the wind, the roots that's what. You need those dark overcast times in your life for the seeds of potential to take root. Resurrection life is true life. Out of the darkness will the light shine first as a flicker,then as a flame and ultimately as a fire. As you reflect the glory in the sunshine of what you have grown into remember your roots and be thankful for the death of your seed and the soil and water of God the Father, the good farmer, for in The light of the Son may you shine  forevermore for the glory of Christ Jesus. Ask the Father to plant your seed of identity and the Holy Spirit to water and enrich the soil and Christ Jesus to resurrect and grow you in His likeness so you also can bare fruit for the Kingdom.


February 28, 2015:: Desires or convictions are one in the same as it comes to John 1412:14.

I have a conviction to do Gods desire because I made a covenant so I can not eat from the tree of knowledge but must partake only from the bread of God. My origin is that I am a "son"of God. I can love the world as God does but not indulge or agree with the things that destroy and pervert that their origin is from God. This is identity,"our origin is our identity".Do not let evolution, culture or social and political correctness change our origin so that we eat Kings food unlike Daniel who abstained.We also will not bow down as per Mordecai in Esther and nor did Meshach,Shadrach and Abedenego in the book of Daniel. By not walking in our identity we agree to the case that satan presents against us in the accusations of the mind. We do not believe to the level necessary that allows us the authority that flows through a clean vessel. Our circumstances and our eyes and ears which drives the information that floods our brains forms a perspective that is contrary to our real identity. A new creation in Christ has "sonship"as a gift and when we see ourselves we must see us through God's love for His Son for that is His perspective that saved the world. When we begin to receive this perspective truly we start to see all that God has done and is doing and we open a prophetic channel into the word and plan of God that He continually reveals through creation as well as His living word, scripture to see where He is sending us. Once you are trained as a "son"you know what to do by the example that Jesus set when He was here and then by what is written in scripture of all the people God chose to use. You can especially look at the different times in some of the greats of the bible and see how their assignments changed with their maturity and matched them for the different seasons in a time of service in the Lord. When we are young in our walk God gives us assignments that are suitable with the provision that he has given us for that season. Then as we mature, mostly through tribulation, we are actually being seasoned and provisioned for our next assignment. We pick up provision in the valleys of decision as we have come out of one assignment and are climbing to the peak where our next one lies. Adversity and other ills of this world are subject to God's promise in Romans 8:28-29. So whatever we overcome with His help and guidance is a fullness of teaching on the ways of God and from that a pathway to wisdom opens as she speaks to your spirit on a higher revelation. God uses all things to fill us and lead us in our kingdom identity. Our own effort and own rescue only leads to foolish wisdom and rebellion and an agreement with the enemy who is crouched behind every door. That door is in the valley of Achor and it is named Hope and the enemy waits to try and snare you if you enter alone and not led by the Father as He leads His son while He dwelt among us. Jesus is our hope and the Kingdoms hope He is "Who became for us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and redemption". Christ in you, the hope of Glory. In the Son,by the Son, and through the Son we become overcomers that makes revelation a revolution of the Kingdom.

February 13, 2015 :: Find the gateways for your Life in Christ

  The written word of scripture has "gates" placed in it that evoke emotions and touch our spirit to take us places that we are unaware of. For me Hebrews 13:5 does that. When I read that He will never leave or forsake me I transcend the issues or the mood I am in into the kingdom of God. My heart and my thinking go up to Him. God has made passage ways to the kingdom realm for each and every one of us through linked together scripture that fits us and our lives. The New Testament is a treasure trove of doors through which we can pass into the Kingdom and its principles of government over our new creation. Peace,righteousness and joy are found there. Seek out first the Kingdom when you read and let your heart and mind be transported to the place of truth that will set you free. Hear what God has to say to you!



January 28, 2015 :: The Truth will set you free

Isn't it possible that to become a Christian and to bear your cross is the truth that separates unbelievers from believers only in the fact of knowing why,what,when,where and how this life can be so disappointing and painful. When one suffers a loss or major setback in life does the situation that inflicts the hurt know or care if that person is saved or not. Is not pain and fear and dread and suffering blind to our spiritual condition. Why then is it hard to tell people that if they side with God they will be tested and tempered in the refiners fire and that they will have spiritual warfare? What is hearing that you have cancer and the devastating feeling and immediate thoughts of death more or less comforted by your belief that Jesus died for all and as Isaish 53 says by His stripes we are healed. You still have cancer and that is the truth about your natural and physical state. But you have a truth that can set you free when you have Jesus. We might not get to skip the troubles and turmoils and injustices of this world that we are born into, but the freedom of the cross and the renewing of the mind and the belief in the kingdom can separate us in a way that nonbelievers will never experience. It is not knowing of a truth that helps it is The Truth that will set you free. I am finding it hard to write and articulate exactly what I am feeling as the Spirit is speaking to me and I heard him say that this is why the word says do not believe based on my word but the signs and wonders that follow the preaching of the true gospel. The inadequacies of the human mind are no more prevalent than when we try to reduce God to a rationalization confined to limits of our thoughts or the training we have gotten in the world that has enabled us to navigate the natural in a way we believe is somewhat successful. Money,power and prestige are the natural factors that we use to contend with problems that arise in our lives and we soon realize through implementation that they are useless in great times of need and of no real comfort to quiet the storms that are inevitable in this life in between birth and eternity. The truth that God is real and alive today and loved you so much that He sent His son to die for you to repair the tear that mankind fell prey to and promises of abundant life to turn the things of this world for our good in the outcome not only eternally but also in the here and now. That is a truth that has power! So to me as a believer it has become unfathomable that anyone can survive this fallen world we live in by the money we have or the power we wield or even the intellect we have attained. There is nothing contained in our flesh that can do us the least bit of good. If you live in this state you are truly hopeless. You are in a state of death and decay even though you might think you have conquered the world because you own a big business or you are so powerful that you can manipulate the situations that you face. You are living a lie my friend. If you do not know the truth then The Kingdom of which you truly belong; and is righteousness, peace and Joy, will be of no comfort to you as you live in a world where satan is king. God's thoughts are higher than ours and his ways are far superior and more encompassing than we can imagine. Only He can give you peace and strength when a loved one has cancer. How about when you get a call that your only child has been killed in a car crash or has overdosed from drugs? Can money make sense of that. Can you in all your power make a phone call and solve any of these issues? Well The Truth can! He can raise the dead, He can cure cancer and He can deliver you from the bondage of addiction. That is hope! So why live in a hopeless world when you can live in a hopeful Kingdom. We are not made to live a life of death. We are made in their image and to possess all the authority that comes with it. So you can either suffer the world or grow in faith through the world and be victorious in what ever this world and the enemy throws at you. It is your choice and available to anyone at anytime in their life. So why do people perceive that there will be a loss to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior? This is one of the greatest lies of the enemy. The enemy is legalistic and tells you that you are condemned by all you do and can never live up to being like Jesus and actually he is right, you can't. The Truth on the other hand is that you do not have to because He did it all for you and will give it to you for free. What! Am I hearing that right? Yes you are and yes He did. It is finished. He conquered the world, the enemy and death all in one cross. This is the truth that the enemy does not want you to believe so he makes the loss of your worldly things more important and blames God for all the bad things that happen in this world. Your loved one dies of cancer and the enemy says to you"well if God is real and can do what His word says then why didn't He save them." This is just one of the many issues that our limited mind struggles with in the devastation we face in this world. The Truth is that these issues are not ours to begin with but the enemy makes us think they are by accusing us of sinning or doing something to bring sickness and disease or even death upon ourselves. So satan says see you can't keep the promise you made to God at salvation so He want keep His. The word says otherwise my friends. I could go on and on revealing the deception of the enemy but it will still not lead you to The Truth. God's word written through His chosen people will lead you to The Truth that will set you free, King Jesus!
Love and Blessings in Christ,


January 3, 2015 :: 

Growth rings of the cross are the Heart of the Tree


Growth rings of the cross. Heart of the tree. Bark is the covering and was stripped away for Christ to hang on it but at the center was the heart of the tree. If before time it was ordained for Christ to be crucified then the cross is the tree of new life, the axe that cuts the root off the other tree and symbolic in all its nature. Canopy, roots, soil,rain and all that will be part of the tree of life.

What are growth rings made of? They are made up of the time and a testimony to the year that the tree has survived. Wind, rain, lightning,pestilence, animals,disease, drought and sun. Some climates even have snow and ice. It has had to endure the four seasons of the year. As you examine the rings you find that some are closer together than others and some are farther apart. Considering the species of tree there is knowledge available that gives an understanding through study of what the normal ranges of said tree are supposed to be. To expand on that take the southern yellow pine for example. There are a set of statistical data that form ranges of normalcy for this species that study has formulated through human research and reason in conjunction with nature's occurrences. So the question is, "what truly makes the tree, the DNA alone, the DNA plus the environment or the environment?
We know from the scripture that soil,rain and sunlight are the essentials for life. God being the creator also knew where to plant the species of tree. He knew on earth where these trees would thrive because he created them. The climate zones of the earth were also created by the Lord with the entire ecosystem in place to maintain it. My point is God formed all that the species needed to dwell and thrive. He prepared the soil and environment,planted them where they belonged and then cared for them. They bared fruit with seed to perpetuate their species and provide what only they could provide to the ecosystem within which they lived and effect not only that area but as a whole the earth in its entirety. Then God placed man in the garden ,for which it was created, and gave him his destiny and call and purpose. God gave man His soil,His rain and His sunlight for His family to grow and thrive. Man is the species, Eve is the soil and being created in their image is the sunlight. The rain was the love and care(Holy Spirit)He showered them with as he was discipling them to take the dominion over earth which at that time was within the Glory of God and was The Kingdom. They were to rule and reign! His Oaks of Righteousness! Where the canopy of their dominion covered the roots of their DNA would spread by the seed dropped from the tree. Acorns are the seed which contains all that is needed to become an oak and also is the fruit which is produced and this is "discipling to take dominion." Heaven on Earth so to speak. We know what happens next, The Fall. They lost their covering and the Glory was gone. They were made with all they needed to be what God had created them to be and do. They did not need the Knowledge of Good or Evil for that was In God's care and His and His alone. The covenant was broken. The ground was now cursed and they were naked. Their soil was bad, the light was gone and the Glory left for they choose to grow and cover and nurture themselves with Knowledge not God. Is this not a reflection of where most of man lives today, entrenched in the pit of The Fall. Jesus has come and rebuilt the Garden and all that was veiled and lost due to the fall has been redeemed and is available! The same choice is still there, from which tree to we eat? Day after day we choose the fruit of the world and not the fruit of The Kingdom. You can eat lust or love; anxiety or peace; poverty or abundance it is your choice as has been from the garden. The big difference is now our Christ Jesus. Our personal and corporate "Oak of Righteousness" whose canopy is the Kingdom and roots are His Image and He is the Light. When He hung on that naked,dead, leafless tree and shed his blood for all past and future humanity the ecosystem was restored. Our cross that we bear as in "His Word made flesh"is the choice of the right tree. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is now cursed and is dying. People are still eating the rotting fruit thinking it taste so good and is sustaining them but it is actually killing them. We can stand all life throws at us if we eat God's first fruit, our savior, His Son and our Lord Christ Jesus. The word says in Genesis 1:11 " God said, let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth; AND IT WAS SO". Abraham was asked to leave his father's land and went and pitched his tent under the terebinth tree of Moreh where there was an enemy there so he moved to the Tree of Mamre where he built his altar. He found allies there and the Lord came there to see him. He washed feet, fed people , fellowshipped, prayed, received revelation and all other nutrients for good rings in his tree. There are many more references in the scriptures that show man as a tree and the Kingdom as the Tree of Life. God's point in telling me this for you is that you have all you need to be in the Kingdom if you choose the right tree to live under. Weather and pestilence and many other schemes of the world will try to cut you down but in reality they are forming your growth rings in the cross you bear. The heart of your tree is Jesus and the sap His blood and the rings are the tribulation by which we enter the Kingdom. The area in between each ring is your growth and sometimes they are wide and sometimes not but what really matters is the next ring because that means you have conquered the former and on to the next. Paul declared he had not yet attained but did not look back either and he continued on the Vision the Lord was leading him on to fullness of life in Christ Jesus.  What species are you; where did God plant you; and what Pro-Vision has He given you? Examine all these questions in your secret place with The Holy Spirit and let Him guide you to the  real truth for your call, purpose and destiny. Your fruit is needed and vital to the body. So get Christ's boat for it is surely going to the other side of The Vision. The answer to the question of what makes the tree is all the above as scripture reads in Romans 8:28,"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,to those who are called according to His purpose." This is your assignment for 2015.
Mark Yow


 12/15/14 :: A Walk Through The Oaks of Righteousness.

God speaks to me in many different ways and in many different locations, but ever since He gave me the baptism of fire there is two places in particular that He makes His Presence known in other ways than the still quite voice. He uses one of the five senses along with taking control of my thoughts where imagery and colors have meaning. I was walking back from a deer stand on the family farm and as always in a praise and worship mood after being in the great outdoors, I entered into the oak grove and His spirit fell in a heavy but joyous way and I heard the spirit prompt me to ask the Father what was on His heart. Immediately I broke out in Holy Laughter as I obeyed and I saw a beautiful star lit sky. It was just dusk in the natural and the stars were not out yet so I ask what the meaning of the vision was and I started to sing these words, " the little Lord Jesus Lay Down His Sweet Head. The Stars in the Heavens Looked Down From Above" and I just kept repeating that as I laughed my way through the oaks up to the lodge. I knew this was a prophetic word from God for I was so joyous that all the issues I had talked to the Father about while in the stand melted away. These issues I was talking about with Him were heavy issues, what in the natural we would call make it or break it decisions. I am still feeling the joy as I write this today even though those issues are not removed in the natural I hear in my heart Psalm 28:7," The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him,and He helps me.My heart leaps for joy,and with my song I praise Him." The words "my song" stood out to me and then understanding came forth and I knew that "my song"was Christ. I have had the Father speak to me through nursery rhymes before so Christmas Carols were natural to me. As I meditated on His word more understanding flooded in as the Father showed me that these lyrics were Holy Spirit inspired and the purpose was to have people sing out the will of God which creates presence and also tears down strongholds. These are 5 fold prophetic decrees that people saved or unsaved are singing around the globe in this season. The Father said these are like the stars in the heaven which light the way and are part of the promise to Abraham. Wow, Carolers are evangelists going door to door! The Christmas thing may have started as paganism but the Father of Lights owns the show now!!!
     I am going to release the prophetic understanding the Father gave me on the lyrics of "Away in a Manger" and then how it jumped to two other seasonal songs. I call them seasonal for the Father said these are for the times of winter in our lives. How good is God!

1st Verse
As Abraham obeyed and left the land of his father to find the land I promised him so did My Son leave His Throne to lead His flock which I promised Him. He was born into unrest and poor of spirit as He was fully man and fully God. He laid down His power and became provision for all traveling flocks from which to feed. He is pleasing to the taste and full of kindness and gentle good humor. He is opposite of the world into which He was born.
2nd Verse
The promise of a new nation of unequaled greatness coming from Heaven that are like My stars in the sky. Will lead the world in the path of My Glory. The millions of people that I promised Abraham are witnessing the Birth of their Lord and Savior. The eternalness of My kingdom has now met the fallen earth and My Son filled with My peace and rest will feed His flock the manna from Heaven.
3rd Verse
His flock and creation moan under the weight of the Fall. His call is awakened by the stars of the sky professing their love for Him. He will lead them from the dark of night into the light of day so He will keep them close on their journey ahead. For He is never in despair My messenger of peace all will find calm in Him throughout the storm.
4th verse
I speak My love for My Son as I did on Mt. Sinai and in the river Jordan. For My Spirit is upon Him from where all power and authority flow clothed in the Glory from where He did come. He shall do as I say and as I do to model the pleasure in Him I do find. Peal back the darkness of sin and death and My Son will redeem you and you will see the victory for the kingdom which is at hand.
5th Verse
My will for man and creation is to be a dwelling place for My Son. Salvation is My Way so ask My Son to come into your heart and rule and reign as was intended before time. With Him in your heart you are grafted in and will abide in My vine. The promises to Abraham will be yours to posses as My Son and my spirit guide your steps to your promised land.
6th Verse
My blessings will flow in my children reconciled through My Son to be the Great Nation that will bring back My creations to Me. Forever you shall dwell with Me My children.
      As I was praying to start writing the Lord brought to mind two other Hymns; Joy to the World and Come All Ye Faithful. I looked up the words to the songs and God spoke of a road map, as in Isaiah in which He called it a "highway to holiness". This is the understanding He gave me. Salvation was sent so declare the victory in worship and praise. So wether you are in your winter season waiting for your seeds to sprout in the spring or you are in a time of testing or clinging to a boat that appears to be sinking remember to sing out loud and declare to the enemy at hand that you will "Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to them that have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength." (Nehemiah 8:10). Be blessed by this word in the mighty name of Jesus!
Love and Blessings.

12/14/14 ::

 "I "feel" like the Lord has shown me another "Counterfeit" move of
the spirit coming and in fact it has already begun. There will be a
strong "sense" among many, especially young people, that the body they
are in is not where they should really be and they will be drawn to
other places of worship. I believe they will feel like its right but I
"see" in my spirit that many (most) are being drawn and not lead to
leav...e. The enemy is doing the drawing away because he does not want
the gifts and talents of those who are being drawn to be incorporated
into the body where God has placed them. The devil has convinced many
people that they are not appreciated or being utilized properly where
they are and therefore they should find a group of believers more like

I "saw" many that will wake up and return to the Church of "His
Choice" and they will be humbled by the experience and grow stronger
in their faith because of the experience and the realization that they
were deceived. The drawing away will also help fine tune their ability
to discern the voice of the Lord more clearly."

I believe we need to intercede for all believers but at this point in
time I believe we must go on the offense and expose the enemy's plan
to further divide the body of Christ. Pray for the "Staff of Union" to
be repaired and restored and for the heart of the Father when those
who have been lead away return, we do not want to be like the older
brother when they come home.......



"Then fourteen years later I went back to Jerusalem again, this time
with Barnabas; and Titus came along, too. I went there because God
revealed to me that I should go. While I was there I met privately
with those considered to be leaders of the church and shared with them
the message I had been preaching to the Gentiles. I wanted to make
sure that we were in agreement, for fear that all my efforts had been
wasted and I was running the race for nothing."

Call me what you will but this is even further evidence of the need
for Christians to be under authority of a church and church leaders.
The Apostle Paul went back to Jerusalem to make sure what he was
teaching to nonbelievers was in line with the gospel the Church
leaders were preaching which says to me he understood that no one
should be relying on their own understanding because we are human and
more than capable of getting things wrong.

The writer of the Psalms and Proverbs tells us that there is wisdom in
the council of many and that a three strand cord cannot be easily
broken. If we believe ourselves to be standing we better beware
because our adversary is clever and desiring to cause death to come to
us all and it is the sheep who wanders alone through the wilderness
who will be the easiest to catch and devour.

I am "Harping" on this "belong" to a local church thing because I
believe that we are fast approaching the day when the tribulation is
going to begin and those who are not a part of the local church body
now will be in great danger. It is my belief that those who refuse to
be under the authority of the "Church Leaders", as Paul was, will be
the first to be targeted by the anti-Christ.

Search your heart if you are among those who are not part of a local
church to see why you won't do it. No church body is perfect and all
will let you down, but that's life. Its not about being perfect its
about being part of a family.......Just search your heart for the
reasons and I will be praying that the Spirit will speak louder than
pride or pain or fear of exposure or.......whatever is keeping you
from being joined to the Body of Christ, a severed foot is not part of
the body if its not physically attached....

-- Bob Seymour


12/7/14 :: Whose Fire Are You In?


As we know the Baptism of Fire is the gift of the Spirit that comes upon us for the service of the body through the Glory of God. It is the very essence of The Presence that brings His authority and power for miracles,signs and wonders. The disciples had been through over three years of this flame because it dwelt among them as flesh in the member of the Trinity being Jesus. Moses experienced the burning bush and the pillar of fire for 40 years. As the fire was present so was the Presence. There are many other examples in scripture that testimony to this fire. This refining fire; this redeeming fire;this revelation fire; this pillar that leads in the darkness and produces warmth and light; and this fire that is the very presence of God. The fire that burns but does not consume, the fire that brings new life out of ashes and joy in the morning. This is the Lord's fire for His followers. So what is the Lord's fire for that Elijah used and was used to melt the golden calf? This is the Lord's all consuming fire, the fire that burns all that is made of hay,wood and straw!(1Cor. 3:12). Now for the beauty of His Holiness,even in those fires it is said that the burnt stones can be used to rebuild the wall. We are made precious in either fire for we are the living stone and the Lord proclaimed that He did not want to loose one! Judgement and mercy in the same flame? The fire of tribulation is a refiners fire as well as the fire that continues to burn in those that've died to themselves and are born again in Christ. The fire remains from before we are saved until the time we receive our new bodies. The fire is our helper,guide and comforter. The Holy Spirit is the eternal flame and cuts just like that two edged sword because the fire of God is from flames of Love. His passion for us burns so brightly and carries all His character and faithfulness that it strips away what we do not need and heals and then creates what is needed in that place, The Holy Spirit. The fire from The Lord is the essence of our being that is the ember we each carry as His temple unto the world. As all embers are fanned by the same wind unity will come in all the ways that are promised through the Word, and the Bride will become spotless. The Holy Spirit imparted this word to me as a guiding light for the body in the loving warning that comes next. The enemy can only pervert and mimic the truths of God. The enemy's fire are fires of destruction not construction. The enemy will lie to you and tell you that you are in a refining fire and all this is necessary to serve and please God. A fire devoid of love will contain no love, no new life and no comfort. With the Lord there is always Grace to withstand the life giving fire. As we approach the return of Christ and take part in the readying of the Bride adversity will strike and persecution will be evident. Pray and seek His face and ask for the wisdom and understanding to know when to fan the flames or when to pour Jesus out on them to extinguish them. Be blessed and burn with the Holy Spirit!!!


11/30/14 :: The Wedding Processional part 2

I heard the Lord say,"The Church must be taken from Glory to Glory by the Father so the veil can be lifted by the Groom. They must operate in the liberty of the Spirit that is defined by the character and faithfulness of The Father. They can not walk in fear or doubt but in Wisdom and Understanding of the ways of the Father. As the Father leads the Bride down the aisle she leans not on Her understanding but is on the right arm of the Father. She looks not to the right nor the left but constantly keeps Her Eyes on Her Groom as she passes each pew. As She walks down the aisle she begins to become more than an conqueror, She transforms into an Overcomer. The first 7 pews represent the foundation for the rest of the processional. Trust; religion verses relationship; I am not my own(temperance); fear of man; God is all sovereign; the beatitudes and become a friend of God. This ended what I heard the Lord say.


11/14/14::  Mark Yow Posts: Whether you are fishing for men or for provision of family or the Kingdoms needs for the Will of God to be done let down your nets where the Lord tells you for Jesus only and always did what he heard His Father say and His Father do. Every word from the Fathers mouth creates. As Peter let down his nets after fishing by his own knowledge all night where the Lord instructed, El Shaddai had created more than enough fish so much in fact that his boat could barely handle it. Ask the Father to speak your words through the prayers you offer up and to show you where to let your nets down.



11/8/14 :: It is time for the wedding march to begin. The Father has the Bride on His arm and He has lowered Her veil. The song of Solomon is being played and the Groom is Standing at the Altar. I heard The Lord say"the most important part of the wedding dress is the veil. As the Father and Bride stand at the back of the Church and look down the aisle they must walk i hear the Lord say"each row of pews represent a place of division in My Church as well as seperation of Jew and Gentile. I see a vision as they walk, the aisle is no longer behind them. As they walk the two sides of the aisle merge. As they finish the processional the church has unity and Jew and Gentile have become one new man.Now the Groom may lift the veil for the final time, His Bride is spotless. The Lord left me with understanding that the body of Christ,not the individual, was forefront in this season. The veil represents the the new wineskin and we as the church form the veil. there will be
 more to come as the Lord will continue to walk us down the aisle on our walk to become overcomers and more than conquerers. Be blessed!!


10/27/14 :: The Lord takes pleasure in you this day and as in every day. He takes pleasure in your short comings as well as your victories; He finds purpose in your sadness and revels in your joy; He hides treasures in your doubt and revelation in His truths; He is the perfect storm in your life of Judgement and Mercy; He is the Holy Fire that refines; He is The Master Gardener that ever so lovingly prunes your branches and pulls your weeds; He is your Abba Father and your El Shaddai. He is your all! Your weaknesses are His strengths; in your darkness He is your lamp and in your times of confusion and despair He is your Wisdom. Do you know Him? He is JESUS,your Lord and Savior. The name above every other name and the name that all will confess and every knee will bow to. He is calling you home for you are His. Hear me My children and gather under My wings for I am drawing you near. You will find me in your problems, in your addictions and any other affliction with which you are struggling. Ask Me in or ask Me deeper for I am the answer you are looking for.


10/21/14 :: Prayers for cleansing and wisdom to consecrate oneself are prayers that often bring fuel to the refiners fire. Purity is a process that should be embraced and submitted to, for in the process is the answer to those prayers! 


Training to rule and reign is essential for us to serve in the pleasure of The Lord. Mercy and Grace toward fellow soldiers in training is the spirit of The Lord. We are not all training for the same assignment. Love your neighbor as yourself!


10/12/14 :: Meet and Greet says the Lord. There are relational people that have direction in your life and impact on your path all around you. You are not where you are by coincidence or folly. You are well placed and well provisioned for your life. There are treasures hidden for you in this place for this time. Some are people and some are places. The gap between the natural and the supernatural are closing daily. There are thin places only discerned by your spirit. Look for places of joy for infillings and places of sadness for ministering. When you look to the clouds in the sky for the understanding of the weather look to your heart for the storms that are holding the Father’s eye. There is strife and envy all around us that are prohibiting the peace and joy of the Lord from taking hold. Tend His sheep, feed His sheep and clothe His sheep. Stop for the one!


Blessings of Hope,


Mark and Charlotte Yow